Choosing and ordering satellite imagery and mapping products

בחירת והזמנת הדמאות לווין ומוצרי מיפוי  


A.TAL Satellite Imagery  represents, in Israel, all the major commercial satellite imagery providers worldwide and several leading mapping companies. This enables us to provide Israeli customers with reliable, unbiased advice on imagery and cartographic products needed for projects worldwide, be it in Israel, in the Middle East, in Africa, Asia, the Americas, or in any other location on the globe.


א.טל הדמאות לווין מייצג בישראל את כל ספקי הדמאות הלווינים המסחריים בעולם וכן מספר חברות מפוי מובילות.

כך מתאפשר לנו לספק ללקוחות בישראל ייעוץ בלתי תלוי לגבי מוצרי הדמאות לווינים ומיפוי להם הם זקוקים לפרוייקטים ברחבי העולם - בישראל, במזרח התיכון באפריקה, באסיה , ביבשת אמריקה או בכל מקום אחר על פני כדור הארץ.

Free Consultation Service for choosing your imagery and providing price quotes

We  supply our customers with  imagery from   the following  companies , most of which we officially represent and which cover most of the commercial remote sensing satellites :


European Space Imaging (EUSI) (Germany)                                   for all DigitalGlobe satellites ( WorldView 2,3 GeoEye , QuickBird and Ikonos  and also aerial photography worldwide.


Airbus Defence and Space  (France)                                               for all SPOT satellites (1 to 7), Pleades 1&2  , Formosat,  Kompsat.


Airbus Defence and Space  - Infoterra (Germany)  for TerrasarX, TandemX  and shortly PAZ.  

Deimos imaging (Spain)                      for Deimos 1 and 2  satellites.

Deimos Imaging is an Urthecast (Canada)  company

E-Geos (Italy)   

for  Cosmo-SkyMed satellites constellation,.  


KompSat ( South Korea)                     for all South Korean remote sensing satellites.   


BlackBridge  Geomatics (Canada) for the RapidEye constellation   


RadarSat (Canada)                            for the RadarSat radar satellites  


Innoter (Russia)                                 for all Russian civilian remote sensing satellites  


BSEI ( China)                                      for Chinese commercial remote sensing satellites. 


Ordering and supplying your imagery​

The order process is simple ( for the customer) and is mainly the responsibility

of  the company representative.

The flowchart of the ordering process is shown above.

Communications between the customer and the representative are mainly by email and by phone.

The stages are: 

  • Call or email the representative.

  • Describe your need.

  • Discuss the options as presented by the representative.

  • Choose the most suitable option ( taking into account needs as opposed to  price and quality, availability vs. tasking etc.)

  • Receive a price quote

  • Place your order

In archive orders, the imagery is ready within one to  a few days. Tasking orders depend mainly on  level of priority ( high priority = higher price) , earlier satellite 

tasking orders in the system , technical issues  etc.

Imagery is delivered by ftp-pull ( unless otherwise requested )




Ordering and supplying your mapping products

 Satellite imagery suppliers usually also supply cartograhic  products such as orthorectified imagery, ortho-maps and digital  elevation models.

Furthermore , we  work with several large cartographic companies  in  the USA and in Europe , in order to supply our customers with  cartograhic  data sets, complementary to satellite imagery orders , e.g hard copy or digital maps ,  DEMs -,  DTMs and DSMs,  orthorectification of imagery , GCP s and other products.

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